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Personable Pets Family Dog Online Training Community

A subscription based training platform for anyone that is sharing their home with a dog!


We are the Family Dog experts.  We have been training dogs for over 20 years and our focus is, and has always been - the family dog


After working with thousands of families, we understand the biggest training challenges


It is easier than you think!  Our clients do it everyday!! 


Let us show you how


We don't use pretrained dogs

See what happens when things go wrong and how you should react

Bite sized videos

1-2 minutes long

Varied training locations. Including home settings and public locations


Your yearly subscription is only $25

Watch from the comfort of your own home

Majority of the videos are 'portrait mode' so they are easy to see on your mobile device.  No need to pull out your computer just to see what is going on.

Videos are organized by cue and training level. You can start with the basic level and then move on to more advanced applications when you are ready.

You will also have access to our forum room so you can ask questions as you train.

And we won't let you get bored! Additional videos are added weekly to help you introduce new cues or activities to your daily routines.

All this for just $25 a year

Three French Bullgod Puppies_edited.jpg


Do you need to sign up for a class or schedule your next private session?  Click below to go back to the Personable Pets Dog Training site.

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